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Zeo Chronicles:


(…)Zeo, tidus and jay are having a normal day in the royal city where they participate in the annual festival of cinco de mayo. As they enjoy the festivity,(…) a civilian starts biting people randomly and appears to be a lifeless walking soul. Zeo and tidus whack at it constantly until zeo finally decapitates it outright. The bitten are immediately taken to a care facility along with the lifeless culprit. Zeo and the party meet in forensics, where they find that the victim was an original civilian of griffinshirecastlegrounds all the way in the west. He had original markings on his back to show he was part of the griffinshire guard. A few moments later, cries call from the hospital wing. The bitten have risen up and been reanimated as warriors of the damned, lifeless shambling corpses. Zeo and jay employ the same tactic of taking out the head on all 4 before anyone else is bitten. After the scuffle, zeo, jay and tidus reconvene at the generals quarters. The general gets results from forensics saying these “things” bites are contaguious, and turn anyone into “them” in just a matter of minutes to hours, it varies from person to person. General hull orders our heroes to go to the west to scour neighboring villages around griffinshire to see if this has spread, while the general will send special forces to go into griffinshire itself. (…)Zeo sets out with his companions and come across a burning village within 2 miles of griffinshire. Villagers are running for their lives as they scream “the plague has come”. Just then, lifeless walking corpses emerge behind the panicking villagers running(…) frantically after them. A few fall and are mercilessly eaten. Zeo, horrified of these carnivorous acts, takes action with his companions and charges forward against the horde. He cuts down a few, then releases a snap of the fingers to send the remaining ablaze. the villagers turn in amazement as The horde burns to mere bones by our heroes hands. They turn around and praise zeo in happiness. Zeo cuts it short and demands to see a leader of sorts. The village shaman comes forward and tells zeo that these abominations came definitely from griffinshire castle, and that almost all but 2 villages, including this one, have been ravaged by these carnivorous monstrosities. He points zeo to the direction of the other, and zeo sets off to save the remaining civilians. He tells the shamn to lead his people east to the royal city, saying his people will greet him and his people from harm. (…)With that in mind, zeo comes to find the other village in worse shape, barely any soul alive except the walking corpses shambling about, feasting on remaining flesh.Tidus discovers writings in blood on walls of deserted huts, saying “lapis philosophorus” “calamitatishabes Saputo filicitas”, all in latin. Zeo says they must report their findings back to the general, so they head back to the royal city. When they talk to the general, he is outraged. Hes lost contact with special forces, and he has no idea if they are alive or dead. Zeo, being his charismatic self, volunteers to enter griffinshire castle with his companions to find out what is going on.  The general agrees to his request. Zeo also asks if the shaman he encountered made it to the city, but the general says he has not heard a word from the gatekeeper. Zeo sets off with jay and tidus and stumble upon the humble shaman, and his people, laying dead in a small rocky ravine, half eaten and blood ridden. Zeocamly gets that behind himand soon arrives at the walls of the griffinshire castle, the outer fields ridden with half eaten corpses and ill written warning signs. They come across the main gate, seeing it is barred from the outside for an apparent reason with steel chains and boards.T hey split up to find an alternate entrance, and jay discovers a sewer entrance the far east side. The heroes enter the sewer, which is surprisingly corpse free. They come across and exit out of the first manhole cover they find, leading them to main street of griffinshire. The streets are even worse than the plains, body parts lay everywhere, a shambling corpse here and there, and then market street. Piles of burning babies on stands, human heads and body parts, blood splattered on the grandstands, it was more like graveyard street. One bitten civilian lay screaming down the street, his intestines ripped inside out, and his right arm ripped off. Zeo calmly ignores his cries and sees the only way to help him is to put a bullet to his head. Just then, high pitch screaming came from west of market street. Zeo and his pals rush to the scene to see 2 little girls running from about 10 walking corpses. (…)Zeo comes to their rescue and slices about 3 of them while jay and tidus provide backup firepower to kill the remainder, and jay finishes the last one with a perfectly placed headshot. They reveal themselves as sisters lizzie and mika, and they were gathering supplies for survivors. They agree to take zeo to them, and they enter the church.(…) They come to the confessional, and push a button under the chair to reveal a secret stairway. They say this old castle has many secret passageways. They walk down the stairs to a dungeon where survivors lay resting and standing around a small fire, they see the danger and raise their weapons until lizzie says to put them down, these people are not bitten. Zeo comes over the gruffled leader, named Bradley. He explains how it all started, a professor named Rushaland von Brauchen, who believed in the ideals of reincarnation and the afterlife. One day he said he was greeted by one of his idols,doctor Edward kochakk, and hes never been the same since. He would experiment with something called “lapis Philosphorum” which is latin for something they don’t know. As of now clues start clicking in our heroes minds. Bradley says then, he called a meeting of all the castle officials to reveal his newest findings. Instead, it ended in disastor as officials ran out of the court room in fear of these walking corpses, and they soon within a span of a month, infected the entire castle grounds. Bradley says they are the last known survivors of the city, and that Rushaland is still in the city as these corpses’ ringleader. They suggest he took over the late king’s throne a few weeks ago as his place of action. Zeo stands and says he needs to go and take care of him, but Bradley stops himsaying the closer you get to the castle, the more corpses there are. They would never make it past the foyer.zeo ignores him and leaves anyway. Before they leave, lizzie and mika come up to him and give him their lucky pendant, a keychain of a flower. Zeo puts it on his neck, kindly says farewell to the young girls, and sets off. (…)Within an hour of creeping past corpses, zeo and company reach the main foyer of the castle, completely lifeless. Candles are everywhere, assuming a ritual was taking place. Dead corpses lay motionless as a heaping pile in the center of the room, and in a flash, are set on fire with no assumption how. Zeo and his companuions walk past it and continue up the creaking, menacing stairs filled with candles on every other step. As they reach the top the spiraling staircase, The candles start to dissipate. (…)Writing on the walls appear again, “Lapis Philiosophorum.”  A whole verse of latin appears up the spiraling staircase, and then translating to English,”lapisphilosophorum, how many lives are necessary to cross the bridge to happiness, you must understand that there is much misery, a calamity behind happiness. Where there are an impediment to the land  over time, you know they are dead in the infinite.” As zeo reads in mystery the writing, an organ begins to play moonlight sonata. The staircase soon stops, and they come across a room filled with pictures, and documents stating incidents involving “the living dead” dating back all the way to the creation of the city. They move on through the lifeless castle, soon reaching the grand hall of the king, opening the double doors, and revealing and calm and collective professor Rushaland. The professor was not surprised of zeo’s arrival, but his deposition suggested he was awaiting it. He says hes been anticipating to meet kochakk’s false prophet.(…). He stands, takes his huge broadsword, and charges at the party with full force. His high speed melee skills make it almost impossible for zeo to take him in close combat. Tidus and jay pull a one-combo as tidus charges headfirst at rushaland. Hes so distracted, jay takes out his sniper rifle and lands a quick shot, missing his head but getting him straight in the chest. (…) rushaland, with zeo at him in taking the final blow, unveils a vial in his pocket and quickly swallows it. He yammers how kochakk gave it to him as an immortality serum. However, rushaland undergoes a transformation. His skin starts to go inside out, his flesh begin to melt as he screams in pain. Zeo standing there, puts him out of his misery by setting him ablaze, and within minutes, he is nothing but a skull and bones. Just then, as our heroes left, they turn as the bones reconfigure, and a hysterical laugh by the cruel doctor is heard. He has been reanimated fully into an immortal skeleton. (…) rushaland brandishes his broadsword again and says he can summon the corpses at will. He lays his hand on the ground as a pulse goes out. He says the corpses are now going to surround the city and kill the remaining survivors.  Jay and tidus decide to jump out the window so they can stop the overwhelming amounts of corpses flooding the area. If they escape they can cause more damage to neighboring villages. Zeo stays behind to contend with the newly reanimated rushaland. Zeo bursts fire balls his way, but they have no effect except on burning the king’s curtains. Rushaland gains second wind and charges violently,flinging his huge broadsword at zeo in wild swooshes. Zeo can barely dodge 2 as he rolls backwards , then snapping his fingers to fire 2 more bursts of fire. They do nothing except slowing rushaland. Zeo uses this opportunity to step back a bit and figure a strategy. He sees glowing near the skeleton’s trachea, a philosopher’s stone? Zeo heard they were in the city, but disappeared long ago. Rushaland must have found one buried underneath the city ruins. Zeo, with plan in mind, charges at rushaland. He grapples him, but rushaland grabs hold of zeo’s chest in the processbeforezeo grabs his stone out, rushaland grabs hold of what he believes is zeo’s heart. After the stone is released, the lifeless skeleton drops to the floor, with, not zeo’s heart, but his lucky pendant the girls gave him. (…) zeo puts back on the pendant and goes out to see his companions. They said the corpses dissipated when zeo killed rushaland. He asks about Bradley, tidus and jay say Bradley and all the survivors followed them shortly after because they were worried about zeo and his safety. Everyone was killed when rushaland summoned the massive army. Lizzie was the only one alive, with a huge bleeding bite on her neck. Jay and tidus put her out of her misery. (…) zeo stares in disappointment as he clutches the pendant in his hand. A moment of silence is given throughout the group. Just then, rain begins to poor. The team decides to leave the castle, planning to tell the general that the corpses will never return. The army will take the stone and put it under survelance to prevent this from happening again. As the group walks away, they bask one last time at the once beautiful castle, now in turmoil. Zeo takes one more look, then at the pendant, then moves onwards, never forgetting the survivors, and especially the two girls who gave him the pendant to save his life. So ends the tale of griffinshire castle and the zombie outbreak.



CREATED BY: Jeremy Schoeninger

WRITTEN BY: Jeremy Schoeninger












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